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Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

ATM cash Withdrawal dollar limit $400.00 per day
Foreign cards used at our ATMs $3.00
(non Money Pass Network)  
Reissuing Debit Card or change PIN $7.00 each
Hot Card Fee $10.00 
Check printing Fee depends on style of checks ordered
Copying back of check $2.00
Copying front and back of checks on statement $3.00
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) items * $28.00 each
Account activity printout $3.00
Account activity printout (mailed) $4.00
Account Research $28.00 per hour, plus $3.00 for each check looked up
Account balancing assistance $25.00 per hour 
Stop payments (all items) $28.00
Any account closed within 90 days of opening $28.00
Photocopies $1.00
Facsimile Transmission $2.00 per page
Garnishments or levies $75.00 each
Zipper bags $5.00 each
Collection items sent or received  $25.00 per item(plus any charge by others)
Cashing out of town checks (non-customer) $10.00
Medallion signature guarantee FBT customer $10.00
  non-customer $20.00
Withdrawal from Christmas Club $5.00 per withdrawal
Night bag and key $30.00 ($20.00 per bag, $10.00 per key)
Directed investments $35.00
Official Check (customer) $6.00
Wire transfer (incoming, our customer) $25.00
Wire transfer (Outgoing, our customer) $30.00
Wire transfer (outgoing, non-customer) $30.00
Wire transfer (international) $25.00 + correspondent charges
Notary (our customers) Free
Notary (non-customers) $10.00
Telephone transfer $5.00
Online Bill Pay $6.00 per month (excludes Kasasa Checking)
Safe Deposit box annual rent $15.00 (3X5 box)
  $25.00 (5X5 box)
  $50.00 (5X10.5 box)
  $65.00 (10X10.5 box)
Safe deposit box key fee $20.00
Drilling fee for safe deposit box $100.00 plus drilling company expenses
Lost Key charge $50.00
Late charge for annual safe deposit box annual rent $25.00
Temporary checks (8 encoded) $5.00
Returned Deposit Item $2.00 
Making enlargement copies of check images $2.00 

*NSF charges may occur when a transaction is created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.

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