Analysis Fee Schedule

Analysis Fee Schedule
Account Maintenance $2.50 per month
Reserve Requirement 2.5% of average positive collected balance
Negative Funds Charge 2.5% of average positive collected balance
Checks Written / Other Debits $0.10
Credit Entries $0.15
Deposited Items $0.06
Temporary Statement $1.00
Special Cut-Off Statement $20.00
Rolled Coin $0.05
Wire Transfer (outgoing) $30.00
Wire Transfer (incoming) $25.00
Special Handling Instructions $20.00 per month
Currency per Strap $0.25
ACH Origination $20.00
Each ACH File Presented to the Bank $0.13
Each ACH Debit or Credit $0.13 per entry
Notification of Change $0.25 per item
File Rejection $5.00 each
eCorp - Business Online Banking $20.00 per month
Token Fee (new/replacement) $20.00 each
Administrative Fee .1000 / $100 / YR of average ledger balance

An earnings credit of 0.25% will be applied and calculated on your available balance.