Card Guard

Manage Your Debit Card with Ease

Card Guard is an easy-to-use app that puts you in full control of your debit card. With Card Guard, you can monitor your card’s usage, set spending limits, and control how and where your card can be used, all from your smartphone. In addition to improved safety and security, Card Guard also helps you set and stick to a budget.

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You can customize your alerts to let you know every time a transaction is made, when one is made over a certain amount, in a certain location, and more. This is an easy way to keep an eye out for fraudulent charges or for overspending.

Set Spending Limits

In addition to keeping an eye out for fraudulent charges, you can control your daily or monthly spending or your spending in different purchase categories, such as gas, groceries, restaurants, retail, online shopping, ATM withdrawals, and more.

Parents, this is also a convenient way to let your children learn about the financial responsibility associated with having a debit card without the risk of them overspending.

Location-Based Controls

With Card Guard, you can establish location-based rules for your card’s usage based on city, state, country, or zip code. You can also enable transactions to complete only when your smartphone is nearby.

Turn Card On Or Off From the App

If your card is misplaced or stolen, you can turn your card off immediately from the app. When turned off, the card cannot be used for any transactions anywhere. If your card is simply misplaced, then you can easily turn it back on from the app once it resurfaces.

Get Signed Up

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